Wednesday, November 3, 2010

100 Year Starship

The largest problem with sending men to Mars is how hard it is to get them back. This thorny problem has a rather obvious solution, if one is sufficiently ruthless with problem solving: don't bring them back. Which is precisely what DARPA and NASA have recently proposed with the 100 year starship initiative. The idea of the initiative is to send an expedition to Mars that will remain there for the duration of the participant's lives. The title contains a link to an article about the initiative. Quite an intriguing SciFi concept.


Caleb Weeks said...

You are pretty much signing over your life if you went on this expedition to Mars. However, your name would live on forever in the history books if it is a success.

AmeliaLinne said...

Wait, seriously, they're doing that for real? They've already spent money on it? I'm shocked, but it is rather cool that they're finally doing something about Mars.