Wednesday, November 3, 2010

River of Awesome

River of Gods is one of my favorite books from this class's reading list. It has a few issues with pacing, and I don't like all of the characters enough to trouble through all of their sections (in particular, I find Tal insufferable), but I really enjoy it. It is not a harder read than The Windup Girl, I think, which was a relief. I really enjoy the continued theme of ancient and future meshing together; it is very cliché in works about Eastern cultures, but it is still fascinating. The theme of divinity is very interesting, too. I have an acknowledged god-complex, so it speaks to me. Is anyone else enjoying it so far?

Also, apropos of nothing, I want Mr. Nandha to have a sticker on his gun that says "Indra take the trigger", so I'm ~imagining it this way.


Katy said...

I'm liking this book too. I haven't gotten as far as I should be, but that's ok. The only issue I have is there isn't an overall story pulling everything together, but I suppose that's just the writing style.

salsa said...

Got to about 200-something. Honestly he could have split it up into two or three novels and still had plenty for each.