Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Containment as a paper topic

I spoke about my idea for the final paper in class the other day, but I just wanted to put it here on the blog in case anybody had any more suggestions for me. My topic was concerning the issue of containment of contagion, specifically as seen in Coldtown and Boneshaker. I appreciate any ideas you want to share.


John Harris said...

One interesting thing that you see in both these stories is that people keep trying to get in to the infected areas, for one reason or another. That seems more prevalent than the contained things trying to get out (thinking back to my zombie movie watching). Why would anyone want to go in? I mean each story gives its own reasons, but maybe there is something bigger too. Just something to think about.

Mark Penner said...

I like John's idea a lot. Another possible route is to look to examples where the exact opposite of quarantine is in place, ie where there are isolated safe havens where the disease has not spread. Particularly I am thinking of when the protagonist in The Walking Dead seeks to find a safe haven in Atlanta. Just something to think about.