Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Paper Topic

Since a few of you guys are doing this, I thought I'd go ahead a put my topic on here in case anyone has any suggestions. In case you've forgotten (which I'm sure you have) I'm working with the short story "Going Deep" by James Patrick Kelly. I'm looking at it as it relates to different themes in psychology and I'm going to try to look at articles in a few psychology journals to use as secondary sources. I'm still trying to decide exactly what types of ideas, themes and relationships to examine. Any thoughts, ideas or comments are greatly appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it has something to do her need to establish her identity. Is she a member of this crew? Is she her mother? Is she a spacer?

Or not.

Whatever you decide to write about, I'd love to see the paper. Andy wrote a paper about one of my stories that I still treasure.

Jim Kelly