Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Future of Clothing?

Okay, so apparently this company called Fabrican thinks that spray-on clothing is the next big thing in the fashion industry, and who am I to say otherwise? I don't know, but I personally will not be sporting spray-on apparel any time in the near future. Anyway, the link is to an article about this phenomena and its history in science fiction.


Jordan said...

Wow. This is creepy. As a self-proclaimed fashion guru, I really really hope this does NOT catch on. Then again I don't see why it would. Still, no doubt Lady Gaga will be sporting it at the next awards ceremony or red carpet event. Gotta love her.

Mark Penner said...

As a Scifi concept, spray on clothing is a pretty neat idea. However, like the unisex jumpsuit portrayed in far too many "B" Scifi movies, it is not something that most people would be interested in wearing. I don't think that even Lady Gaga will be wearing it, it is far too normal for her!

Courtney said...

That is crazy but rather interesting. I guess the benefit would be that you never have to wear the same outfit twice. I wonder what it would feel like...and what happens when it rains?

Elizabeth said...

The rain thing is a bit worrying.

Would it just be really sticky? Would it be cold when it sprayed on like spray on sunscreen??

I really hope this doesn't catch on. Ever. We're already seeing a comeback of the complete lace tops which were never practical because you always had to wear something under them and they would tear and rip or get runs if you just looked at them funny.