Sunday, September 19, 2010


The idea I had for my topic is the sense of scale that writers include in their works, whether it be large, small, or non-existent. Specifically, I'd be focusing on "The Island" and "Mongoose." I'll also reference other works, but those are the main ones. Any thoughts or ideas on what else I could reference, or if this is an okay topic?


Tristram said...

You could use "Black Swan" as another reference. Although it could seem small scale becuase it primarily takes place in an Italian town, it also expands to multiple universes. Plus it seems a normal and plausable story until they jump to a different universe.

Caleb Weeks said...

I think you should use Formidable Caress in your paper topic because not only is the scaling of the short story large but you could include something about the time stratification.

Andy Duncan said...

I really like this topic, and it reminds me of this amusing page listing problems of scale in sf. Note that most of the examples are found by clicking the folders at the bottom.