Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No man is an Island...Get it?

I think I've decided to do my paper on one of the themes of The Island: what it means to be human. There was a lot of playing with the idea of humanity changing and regressing and being weird and I think there is some worthwhile discussion in that. One of the main points of the paper would be the conceptual limitations humans have that could make it harder to properly write something that isn't human, and how that impacts the thing's human status. I'm considering writing about normalized vs non normalized behavior and how that impacts the human condition, too. That being said, any thoughts?


Andy Duncan said...

You mean how "to properly write something" in the sense of creating it, imagining it, visualizing it, right, Ernest?

John Harris said...

It seems that you and I have similar interests (but I think they're still fundamentally different, so no worries there). If I find anything interesting in reading for mine, I'll shoot it your way.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes I meant it in the sense of creating/visualizing.