Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Little Brother

I just finished reading Little Brother and I just wanted to say that I truly enjoyed reading this novel. One thing that I really look for while reading is the writing style. If I hate the writing style I will most likely not finish the book because I don't feel as though I am completely captured by this world on paper. I was able to fully understand what was going on throughout this whole novel. The characters were interesting and the situations created tension that I could feel while reading. I especially liked that the entire novel was written as though it was a journal of the main character, Marcus. Does anyone else know of books that follow this writing style. If you do, let me know.


Andy Duncan said...

Caleb, you could start with Doctorow's other novels, the most recent of which are For the Win and Makers. Here's the list.

Jordan said...

I love love love the writing style. I'm a sucker for first person, and I use it in most of my fanfiction and other writings. I really love how deeply you can explore a character by actually being inside their head, I suppose.
But going back to what Bailey said in her blog post, I also agree that it's interesting that Doctorow seems to use scenes like the debate to show clearly the other sides of the story. That way we are not limited to only Marcus' view of things and therefore can make our own decisions about it.
Immediately other books/series that came to my mind when you asked about similar writing styles are James Patterson's Maximum Ride novels. Actually, pretty much anything James Patterson writes is first person and I love it. But especially the Max books and his other "pageturner" series are almost journal-like, as you said. In fact in Fang much of the content is blog posts done by the main character.
Check 'em out! They're easy reads and I really enjoy them.

Drew said...

I have to say that I agree with you about the style. I really find this kind of 1st person telling of a story to be one of the easiest to both understand and get lost inside of. I know I've read other books with this style, but right now my brain isn't working. I'll comment again later if I think of any good ones.