Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Revolution or Radicalism in Little Brother

As a huge fan of Cory Doctorow, I was excited to read Little Brother again. This time however, I attempted to view the plot from the position of an average citizen, rather than from the viewpoint of a student. Disregarding the element of the Treasure Island facility and the plot to allow the terrorists to strike again, very little of what the DHS did was unreasonable. Until the Xnet got involved, there was very little disruption of daily living patterns.

Philosophically, I tend to agree with the protagonist as to the intrusion of government into our daily lives. But looking at it from another perspective, one has to wonder to what extent rebellion was justified. Assuming no knowledge of the aspects I mentioned, would you be willing to disrupt society over the invasion of privacy that occurred in Little Brother?

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John Harris said...

Outside the torture, kidnapping, illegal imprisonment, and other serious transgressions by the DHS, I would say they didn't do anything illegal. But that doesn't mean I would say what they did was reasonable. Not in the slightest. I don't know that disruption of an entire city would be the response, but if I could do something to get MY privacy back then I definitely would. I recoil at the idea of ever having to account for my innocent actions just because they don't look like someone expected them to. I never want to have to show someone my "papers." I know there are many people who would gladly trade their privacy for a sense of security, I'm just not among them.