Monday, October 25, 2010

Air Force Sci Fi

I was watching TV this weekend and this commercial came on of some crazy combat-military action, and then across the screen it said "THIS IS NOT SCIENCE FICTION." I thought this was pretty interesting. The Air Force is using the concept of science fiction seeming incredible and advanced to exemplify their cause. I think it's a pretty cool angle, seeing as the military always seems to be able to be the first to really use new technologies, especially with weapons technologies. And of course it caught my eye because of this class so I thought I would share it. Hope everyone did well on their papers :)


Katy said...

How interesting. So the military has such advanced technology that they think the average person would assume none of it's real. I kinda want to see this commercial now to see what gadgets they show off. And I did do well on my paper, but you know that :)

salsa said...

@KAty: Unless there are two of these flying around, the one he's talking about just features a UMAV. More specifically the Predator.