Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yay for Halloween!

First of all, I know I posted about this a few weeks ago but I am SO excited about AMC's new show The Walking Dead. It premiers on Halloween and I can't wait! It looks incredibly creepy for a t.v. show and I hope it lives up to all the hype.

Second, we have been reading a lot of books with crazy vocabulary. As Drew posted earlier, River of Gods contains a glossary, but many other books do not. Why do you think that is? Do the authors just feel like they shouldn't have to explain their made up or foreign terms?

That is all. Hope everyone is enjoying the book!


John Harris said...

maybe the authors feel like too much explanation of "mundane" or common terms in their universe would not be true to the story. I feel like I at least have a sense for what I think something means by the end of a TV show/book/etc (think about all the Chinese in Firefly). Context certainly helps. And, sure the big concepts should be explained, but I end up attaching a meaning (right or wrong) to the other little ones.

Mark Penner said...

I am also going to agree with John. I feel that developing an understanding of the dialect/colloquialisms/made-up language via context is an important element of reading many books in the genre. It helps create an element of back and forth between the author and the reader.

John Harris said...

Walking Dead tonight at 9 everybody!