Tuesday, October 26, 2010

River of Gods

So I'm chugging along in this book and realize that I actually think it is far easier to read than The Windup Girl was. I've caught myself not noticing how far I've actually read in one sitting. So far I also like the story. This author gives very vivid descriptions that still manage to not bog down the story. He makes his images very clear but doesn't take away from the actual book by going on and on about them. The only thing that is confusing me is the pronouns used for the aeai. I don't know how to pronounce "yt" in my head as I read and it just doesn't seem right when I attempt to. I'm starting to just read it as "it". Nonetheless this book is keeping my attention in ways that The Windup Girl simply could not.

Question. How far are we reading for next week's class? I assume halfway which is around 300 pages, but I wanted to see what everyone else thinks.


Drew said...

I was wondering about how far through the book we need to be too. I wasn't sure if we were just supposed to read the whole thing or stop in the middle or what. Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

I'm finding the book much easier to read, too. I haven't gotten that far with it, but I really enjoy some of the concepts. I've been pronouncing yt like "it" with a harder stress. It looks like a case of spelling difference over pronunciation difference.