Sunday, October 3, 2010

Duncan's Story/Paper Progress

So I forgot to mention something in class last week that I think we briefly touched on: how sci-fi did you really see Andy's story? I didn't get as much a sci-fi as ghost story/fantasy feel to it. (That being said I loved it... don't fail me. And I'm serious. I really liked it.) I don't know much on the subject of geo-caching, and I think Andy said something about the fact that it's what made the story really "sci fi." Does anyone who knows anything about geo-caching know how realistic that was? Or is one of those "near-future" things? And does anyone else agree about it being more fantasy? I know Andy mentioned that it was actually up for a fantasy award.

And, as I have been looking at a few articles for my paper ("The Coldest Girl..." vs Twilight) I have found some pretty cool stuff related to the vampire/zombie phenomenon we talked about in class. Here's just two of the articles I've read that are pretty cool (and pretty scholastically legit btw):

Have fun but not too much. Work on your papers! And if you're interested you can play on Google too :)

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Jordan said...

I don't know much about geo-caching except that there is a hot-spot in my hometown at a BBQ restaurant, hahaha. I think it sounds really really interesting though, and I would like to try it. It's like the worlds biggest scavenger hunt plus the Amazing Race.