Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kevin SpaceyBot

Totally enjoyed watching Moon. BUT I have to admit (and I know at least Bailey agress) that I would have been entirely too freaked out to watch it on my own. The fact that he was a clone, his lack of communication with the world, and just being alone on a moon with only Kevin SpaceyBot around to keep him depressing? So weird. And kind of gross (the whole throwing up blood thing...a little graphic, not to mention picking his tooth out of it. Gag). But amusing nonetheless.

I was entirely too entertained by Kevin SpaceyBot, which is what I've decided his true name is if you haven't already noticed. His little faces...hilarious. Jordan and I found ourselves copying them to each other from across the room. And I am the only one that finds it funny that Kevin SPACEy played a robot in SPACE? Ah...I crack myself up.

I hope everyone's papers are fantastic. If you wanna read mine let me know (I did the preference of being female in "As Women Fight"). I'm not technologically intelligent enough to put it in a blog post. All I can handle is "create new blog" and "publish post". I'm more of an on paper nerd. Now I'm rambling...alas I shall see you all upon the stroke of 3 pm.


Caleb Weeks said...

The facial expressiopns of the robot were priceless. I seriously think there were only 10 graphics he could use to express all human emotion.

Courtney said...

I loved the robot. He was probably my favorite part of the movie. Other than that it was rather depressing. Especially the part when he called his supposed daughter. Very sad!

Bailey said...

Yes, Katy, I agress. HA! I you know I loved Kevin Spaceybot. I like to imagine that Kevin Spacey was secretly in that little box whirring around and sucking up hair clippings in his little vacuum arms.