Wednesday, October 6, 2010


After watching Moon I realized that it reminded me a lot of a movie called Sunshine. Sunshine is about a group of astronauts that are trying to reignite the sun after it enters an early death cycle. The two aren't really similar plot-wise, obviously, but they have a lot else in common. Both movies have periods of long silence (which I guess helps the audience get that these people are alone up there), and the soundtracks are similar. The shots of the space outside the characters environment are also common to both. I guess I thought it was weird that two movies with completely opposite names and themes would sync in my head.


Mark Penner said...

I definitely got a similar vibe between the two movies. Though I enjoyed Moon, Sunshine was a lot more exciting. There exist similar poignant themes of isolation in both films.

Caleb Weeks said...

Didn't Sunshine have the guy from Red Eye in it? He also played Scarecrow in Batman Begins.

Courtney said...

Yeah Cillian Murphy. He is also in 28 Days Later and Inception. I love Sunshine. I thought it was better than Moon, or it least it was more exciting.