Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Armies of Robots!

So this is gonna be short, but I just found this link while I was at syfy.com in the technology section. It basically talks about the fact that the Naval Research Laboratory is developing robots that may eventually be used to fight wars for humans who want to "avoid the messiness that combat entails." The actual link to the (short) article is in the title.
I actually find this really interesting. What do you guys think? Would this be a better alternative to the way wars are fought now? Less bloodshed is always good, but it seems like it could lead to even bigger problems.


AmeliaLinne said...

I dunno. If both sides use robots, the whole thing becomes an economic battle. Who can replace them the quickest and build the most impervious robots? It seems like wars would all be over in a week due to economic constraints. (This doesn't seem like a bad thing, but nations would go bankrupt very quickly.)

However, it would be BRUTALLY unfair to use robotic war machines against humans. It would be like the conquistadors versus the Aztecs.

Elizabeth said...

I agree with Amelia. I think that having robots will boil down to economics and who trades with whom. I also think that having a battle between robots and humans is completely unethical, but I don't think wars are really worried about the ethics or morality anyway.

However, this does seem like its the next step in the evolution of war. Humans have continually been adapting and creating new ways to wage war. From gunpowder to the atomic bomb you can see it across history. Its too bad that they can't think of some way to find peace.