Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Laws of Science Fiction

I present another thing that I found on the internet! This one is a little more serious: a collection of laws developed from and about science fiction. Check it out (link's in the title).

I also present, for your consideration, Steampunk Iron Man . Yes, it really is that awesome.

Still watching The Walking Dead, and it is still aiming to please. A little predictable and a little goofy, but still fun and entertaining. It is not too late to get into it (only 2 episodes so far)!

Right, and a little about River of Gods: I really like this book. It is pretty dense and complex and everything, but I'm still enjoying it. I feel like I connect to these characters way better than I did with anyone in The Windup Girl. Kinda sad this is our last novel.

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Elizabeth said...

i'm pretty sure sturgeon's law can be applied to anything and everything.