Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's the Little Things

Because I did not like the last few parts of River of Gods, I am choosing to ignore them. I really liked the story up until a certain point. I thought Ian McDonald did an amazing job of bringing together all the seemingly random stories. His characters were interesting (I especially liked Mr. Nandha) and even though this book is huge, it didn't feel like it took too long to read. For me,however, the book ended before it got really crazy, so I have chosen to replace memories of the actual ending with this article from (linked in the title) about science fiction. Oh the internet.


Mark Penner said...

It seems like everyone was quite disappointed by the ending. It is almost as much deus ex machina as Douglas Adams blowing up the universe as an effort to end the ("increasingly inaccurately named") Hitchhikers' Guide Trilogy. I liked the article you linked to.

Elizabeth said...

I liked the article as well. I had a really hard time getting through River of Gods, and I felt like I should have been rewarded with a really good ending. Alas, that was not the case as the ending really sucked.

Jenny Strack said...

I definitely chuckled at that article. I especially enjoyed the description of the "middle aged man" fan type.