Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Final Post?

Seriously guys, why didn't anyone remind me to post something last week? Very disappointed. It's ok, I was in a tryptochoma anyhow. I'm shocked that this semester is nearly finished, and now have to find something to discuss on this blog. Excited about Dr. Who tomorrow, and look forward to finally saying I've seen more than one episode.
For those of you still watching "The Walking Dead" I've attached a link to the title of this blog. The link takes you to an interview with Norman Reedus, the crossbow wielding zombie killer. In the interview he takes a side on the Zombie vs. Vampire debate we discussed earlier. Although he doesn't go into great detail it's still awesome to find someone on the outside debating the same things we do.
Well, my papers about finished, and the Four Lokos is trying to kick in, so it's best I get off here and get back to the paper.

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Courtney said...

Norman Reedus is awesome. Mainly for his role in Boondock Saints, of course, but he has been pretty good so far in The Walking Dead. Still the show doesn't feel like it's really that groundbreaking.
I'm wondering when the zombie and vampire obsession will finally die (pun partially intended). It seems like every possible angle for both has been exhausted.