Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Star Wars versus Star Trek

While browsing reddit, I stumbled upon the image above, which got me to thinking about the various levels of completeness in conceptualization of science fiction worlds. Many, if not all, of the stories that we read for the class had a very firm grasp over the universe that the author was attempting to create. In contrast, many of the more popular elements of science fiction are not as fully realized. Aside from the obvious comparison drawn between Star Wars and Star Trek in the picture, what other competing depictions that exhibit this dichotomy can you think of?

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John Harris said...

I feel like star wars has a better grasp on the alien-creation business. Most of the races there are a bit more creative than just the human-with-a-different-forehead/ears/robotic-bits thing that star trek does. That is one of the biggest things that's always irked me about Star Trek.