Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Science Taking Science Fiction to Heart

I have a few links here showing just how seriously some in the scientific community are taking some of the things we have talked about in class:

The first is the possible unification of robots under one operating system similar to the AIs in River of Gods. Alternatively, this could lead down a more disastrous Matrix- or Terminator-style scenario. I don't know that we would have another universe handy to aid in the disposal of any uppity computer programs, so, should this come to pass, we may be in a bit of trouble (but it should be quite a ways off).

The second is a bit of research from the University of Ottawa which theorizes that a zombie outbreak would likely end humanity. Again, not likely to happen any time soon, but it is still interesting to see some scientists thinking about these pop-culture/fun things. And who knows, maybe the knowledge will come in handy some day...

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Mark Penner said...

To contribute to the discussion of possible zombie apocalypse, I thought I would interject a article about why one would fail rather quickly. Not as scientifically rigorous, but makes some valid points.