Sunday, November 14, 2010

Technology & Proposals

So one of my close friends is thinking about proposing to his girlfriend of like 4 years. He sent me this link the other day (in the title) which I didn't read as I was busy and he usually just sends me useless articles. So this afternoon he asked me if I had gotten it and I was like yeah and he started to get really excited and asked me what I thought. Well I told him I hadn't read it yet, and his bubble slightly deflated. He told me to go and read it and call him when I was done.

After reading it I jumped around for about 20 minutes and got really excited. He's going to do the same type of thing with an engagement ring come May. While I was reading it I thought it sounded a bit like geo-caching, and as that is something we have previously discussed I thought I'd post this as well. Science Fiction in my mind always entails technology, so I was amused when I read this story. Enjoy!

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salsa said...

That's five kinds of awesome. Hope the wife wasn't too annoyed about that.