Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Awards attention

The sf field has a number of awards, and Jonathan Strahan's picks for his year's-best volume include a number of this year's award winners and contenders.  Examples from this week's reading:
  • Nicola Griffith's "It Takes Two" is a Hugo Award nominee.
  • Peter Watts' "The Island" is a Hugo Award nominee.
  • Karen Joy Fowler's "The Pelican Bar" already won a Shirley Jackson Award and is a World Fantasy Award nominee.
  • Kij Johnson's "Spar" already won a Nebula Award and is a Hugo Award nominee.
  • James Patrick Kelly's "Going Deep" was a Nebula Award nominee.
I should add that Jonathan Strahan himself has two World Fantasy Award nominations this year -- and if you look at the other nominees, just announced yesterday, you'll find at least one other familiar name.

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