Saturday, August 28, 2010

Story volunteers for Sept. 1

According to my notes, here are the folks who are launching our class discussion of this week's stories. Let me know, please, if I'm misremembering.

  • Swanwick and Gunn, "Zeppelin City": Caleb Weeks
  • Broderick, "This Wind Blowing, and This Tide": Katy Santi
  • Sterling, "Black Swan": Bailey Carpenter
  • Genge, "As Women Fight": Jenny Strack
  • Baxter, "Formidable Caress": Amelia Baez
Remember, no summaries necessary; we've all read the stories. Talk instead about what strikes you as interesting, unusual, surprising, or worth unpacking within the stories. Pose a question or two for your classmates. No outside research required, though you're certainly welcome to do some if you're curious.

And of course, you needn't wait until our class meeting to start the conversation. You could start with a blog post -- a new post, please, not merely a comment attached to this post. Each story deserves at least one thread of its own.  Thanks, all.

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