Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stanford Prison Experiment

Hey everyone. Just thought I would share a link with you all. Clicking the title of this post will take you to the official website of the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment. If you click through the slide show you will get the full explanation of what happened and a little introduction to why (known as "The Lucifer Effect"). We've discussed this in several of my psych classes, and that is probably the biggest reason I didn't see the captors in "The Pelican Bar" as aliens, but just people. Humans are capable of terrible things. Like Mama Strong said, "Humans do everything we did. Humans do more."

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Jenny Strack said...

Well said John. Between what I know of psych and history, I never saw them as aliens either. Humans have done cruel and otherwise unthinkable things to each other throughout history, and will probably continue to do so.I mean, look at the prime example of the Holocaust. That was a real-life Stanford Prison Experiment. Otherwise normal people committed unthinkable acts because of the mindset and environment at the time. And it's not the only time in history something like that has that's happened (Rowanda, Darfur, etc).