Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Geocaching in Alabama

So I was just interested by this idea of geocaching from Andy's story so I looked it up to give me a better idea of how it's used and such. One of the sites I found has all sorts of examples of geocaching and "puzzle caches" including quite a few from right here in Alabama.
I put the link to one of these puzzle caches in the title. It's one that I found particularly interesting, as it is entirely based around the UA campus. Just thought I'd share it as it seems pretty cool.
Scroll down the link to get to the good stuff.


Elizabeth said...

Wow. This seems really intense. I'm not sure how fun this would be for people with little patience and no math skills (not to mention poor eyesight for counting windows and window-panes).

Extra Credit? :)

Drew said...

Haha yea it does look really intense. But I think it would be fun too (if it didn't get too frustrating first).

Jordan said...

I want to try it! haha