Tuesday, October 12, 2010

John's whirlwind tour around the internet and big ol' blogpost

We've got plenty to go on today! So let the adventure begin!

First (and really only): ZOMBIES!!!

Alright, as some of you may remember, way back at the beginning of the semester we discussed the phenomenon of the sexiness of vampires. This was in direct opposition to the lack of sexiness we see in werewolves (Twilight excluded) and the almost anti-sexiness of zombies. We decided we couldn't even identify with the walking dead, let alone see anything remotely attractive about them, but the Swedish electronica band Naked Ape (signed to the appropriately named Lombotom Records) is trying to change all that. I found these guys a couple of years ago while just messing around online (no, I did not google 'zombie strippers'), and I seriously put the emphasis on TRYING. I mean, I don't think they've been very successful at making zombies any sexier, but you can draw your own conclusions (if you dare!):

****WARNING**** The following music videos are pretty extreme (mainly the second one) and are not meant for the faint-hearted, the weakly-stomached, or those who are NOT okay with blood (especially the second one) or strippers (again, second one). Really, it can be intense, and you've been warned.

Naked Ape - Fashion Freak
Naked Ape - Undo Redo

Also, I have found a most magical and fun new addiction: Minecraft.

Minecraft is a goofy videogame that has both zombies AND digging, so I thought it would fit in perfectly with Boneshaker, and it is made in Sweden and, again, has zombies, so it fits with the first part of my post. I can't say enough about this game except how much fun it is to play. I mean, it looks horrible, its buggy as hell, and its not really science fiction (my bad), but it is still so much fun. Think of legos on steroids: you deconstruct your block filled world only to reconstruct it in your image. Highly recommended (unless you are easily seduced by simple fun, and then this becomes the enemy of productivity). There is even a free version online where you can build and dig to your hearts content.

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Jordan said...

Kidding. That was gross, but pretty cool that they're doing something uh... different... with zombies.
I remember a game I used to play all the time called Mowing Maniac, I think, where you were a guy on a lawnmower. It was kind of like Pac-Man. You had to mow all the grass while avoiding the angry people chasing you around, sometimes dogs too, and if you ran over a certain thing you could then chase them back. The graveyard level had zombies. haha Okay I'm done being random now.