Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Twist Ending

For those of you who haven't finished Boneshaker yet, this post contains spoilers!!!

I was totally surprised by the ending of this book. I know last week we discussed how Moon may or may not have had a twist in the plot. I felt this book totally had a twist. I was fully expecting Minnericht to be Levi Blue and for them to come to the realization and there to be a somewhat happy ending. Instead, Angeline kills him. We find out that Briar had killed Levi and that he had stole the money from the banks. This was not the ending I was envisioning at all. It completely hit me from left field.

Did anyone else feel this way?


Anonymous said...

I expected the doctor to be a clockwork-android Maynard because it seemed like it would be poetic and I was confused about the condition of his body. Minnericht's identity hit me like an enraged panda. I wasn't really paying attention to Angeline(?)'s storyline anyway, so when Priest revealed it I was like "ummmm. Why?"

Bailey said...

yeah, there was a little bit of foreshadowment that Briar killed Levi when she has the dream when she's knocked out. But I thought it was kind of random that Minnericht was Joe Foster, but I guess the point was that he was an impostor.

AmeliaLinne said...

I always figured that Minnericht wasn't the Levi, just because that would have been to convenient. I did not expect Briar to have killed Levi, though it did explain her certainty about the Minnericht/Levi issue.

Courtney said...

I didn't expect that it would be Briar that killed Levi but I did figure he was dead, especially after Briar kept saying she was absolutely certain Minnericht was not Levi. Still, I wanted Minnericht to be someone more epic than just a crazy guy.