Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mother and Son

For those of you who have gotten there[hopefully everyone :-)], what do you think of the ending of this story? Were you surprised by Briar's "revelation" about what happened to Levi or did you see it coming?

I wasn't really too surprised by the ending but I did think it was a bit of a waste of time. Overall I did like the story, it was fast-paced and pretty interesting; but the reasons why Zeke had to enter the city seemed like a bit of a reach. Briar should have just told him what happened to his father from the beginning. I can understand why Briar wouldn't want to tell Zeke what happened to his father when he was a little kid. As a teenager, however, he obviously seems pretty adapt at handling things. And it's not like his father was loved by all. He caused the deaths (and re-animation) of thousands of people and destroyed an entire city for personal gain! I just find it hard to believe that anyone, even Zeke, could fault Briar for killing the guy.


AmeliaLinne said...

While I think that Briar should have told her son about his father, I understand her reasons for not doing it. In a way, she was trying to protect him, to keep him from knowing the horrible things that both of his parents had done. She let him think his father was a man who made a mistake, not a mass murdering bank thief. She kept him from knowing his mother was a murderess, too (which is probably how she sees herself).

Honestly, if she'd told him, Zeke might have had a whole different set of issues. I can see him being very depressed, convinced that he was fated to become a murderer, too. She was just trying to preserve Zeke's optimistic innocence (and keep her secret).

Mark Penner said...

I agree with Amelia, it is certainly understandable why she would not want to tell Zeke. Additionally, I think it is relevant the extraordinarily long hours that she puts in daily at the water treatment facility. She didn't seem to have much energy to dedicate to her relationship with her son.