Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Steampunk crazy

So I realize I already posted once today, but this was too good not to show you guys. I've gone a little steampunk crazy since we started reading Boneshaker, and I think I'm going to go steampunk for Halloween. I was looking at some online picture galleries to get ideas. The gallery in the title of this post is from Dragon*Con and it's pretty good. I love love love the steampunk Wizard of Oz and X-men crews.
And the video linked at the end of that gallery is amazing. The guy who's dressed as Steampunk Dr. Charles Xavier actually made his wheelchair. It functions and looks awesome. It even dispenses drinks! hahaha This video shows you all that and more :]

How cool is that? I loooove X-men and the fact that people at conventions and stuff are thinking to turn old favorites into steampunk characters? Brilliant. Then I realized that the Brotherhood of Mutants from the old cartoons was kind of steampunkish already.

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Drew said...

Ha! I love it. I really like this idea of taking known and beloved characters and placing them in unfamiliar times, settings, etc. Cool stuff.