Thursday, August 19, 2010

How I learned to love the Sci Fi

I feel that science fiction is media revolving around alternative realities, ideas, or technologies in the past, present or future. It tells what would happen if... and creates a new world around those possibilities.
Initially, I was not much of a Sci Fi fan, although I watched Star Wars repeatedly with my brothers as a child. When I was a senior in high school, however, my favorite teacher told me I needed to read a book called Feed by M. T. Anderson and that book really got me hooked. From there I read numerous stories by Ray Bradbury, Frank Herbert, and Robert Heinlein.
Some of the science fiction I would recommend:
Anubis Gates by Tim Powers, the Firefly T.V.series, and the movie Sunshine

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Andy Duncan said...

Thank you for bringing up Tim Powers, a marvelous contemporary novelist on the borderland of sf and fantasy -- and, arguably, one of the founders of steampunk. Declare is my favorite of his novels. His pirate fantasy On Stranger Tides is the (loose) inspiration for the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie (and, arguably, for the whole preceding trilogy).