Friday, August 20, 2010

Science Fiction: A Love Story

I truly started enjoying science fiction when I saw my first Star Wars movie. Ever since I have wanted to be able to control the force and have my very own lightsaber. My definition of science fiction mainly relates to technology. I believe that science fiction is a type of fiction that is dominated by either present or future technology. This includes Star Wars where there is space travel and lightsabers but it also stretches to the steampunk genre where to the occupants of the story the technology is futuristic (zeppelins, machine guns).

Like I said earlier, my appreciation for science fiction bloomed from watching my first Star Wars movie. Ever since, I have watched many science fiction movies (currently, my favorite is Inception) and I have read quite a few science fiction novels.

A couple of science fiction texts that I am currently interested in are the steampunk writings of George Mann who wrote The Affinity Bridge and David Moody's Hater trilogy. I have also read a couple of Star Wars novels.

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