Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ray Bradbury's biggest fan?

I would be remiss if I did not mention at the outset of our class a raunchy music video that has gone viral in the sf community this week.  A warning before you click: If this were a movie, it would be R-rated, including the title.  If adolescent sex comedy is not your taste, please avoid this video.  It is not a required text.  OK, all that being said, here's the link. 

The writer-performer is New York comedian Rachel Bloom, whom Saturday Night Live probably should hire immediately.

Questions to ponder: What assumptions are made, in this video, about the sf audience?  To what extent have geeks/nerds become sexualized across pop culture, and what's behind this trend?


salsa said...

1) This thing is an earworm of the worst degree. I keep hearing, "Fuck me, Ray Bradbury," in that syrupy sweet lyrical voice. If SNL does hire her, they'll corner the market with that voice of hers.

2) I wonder what it says about me, when they got to the part where she has one a helmet and is in "orbit," the dominating thought in my head was that she should be bruising up and asphyxiating.

3) There are parts when it's funny, but I found this to be just a little creepy. From what Andy said, that means this girl should write SF.

John Harris said...

Your posting this video on the blog somehow coincided with all of my friends discovering it at the same time. I clicked from the blog to facebook and boom: the super-sexual ode to Ray Bradbury was everywhere. Its like I wasn't allowed to not hear it, so, as raunchy as it is, at least it is fun and catchy. Can't say that I'll ever be adopting this as my anthem (I mean, really? Ray Bradbury? Come on.), but I enjoyed it anyway!