Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Science and Art

One thing I find interesting is that many concepts and proposals use artists' renditions to provide a vision of what they are proposing. It goes deeper than that. Many artists create things with a decidedly sci-fi bent. Concept Ships is an example found here on Blogspot. Scifi-Meshes is a forum dedicated entirely to the creation of sci-fi related art. As the name suggests, it is predominately 3D artwork, although there are several 2D artists on there as well. While many of the works are related to one franchise or the other, there are several that base their works in their own universes. Many other sites have strong Sci-Fi communities that produce good art works as well, such as DeviantArt and ConceptArt. Be forewarned that Rule 34 is full effect for both and Sturgeon's Law for the former.

Note that I am not to be held responsible for hours lost by browsing those last two links.

Hope y'all enjoy the eye candy.

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