Monday, August 30, 2010

The Wind Blowing, and This Tide

So I just have to say that up until this story, I have enjoyed everything I have read in this class, even "Spar" which I would say was more, uh, interesting than something I usually enjoy reading. But, in my opinion (and sorry if you liked this one), I think that stories like "The Wind Blowing, and This Tide" is one of those stories that turns people off from the genre of science fiction.
Personally, I know that I am more of a English/History than a Science/Math person, so, for people like me, stories like this one can be a tad overwhelming. I feel like Broderick was under the assumption that most individuals that choose to read this story would know what the many scientific theories and references meant just from their own common knowledge. For me, I had to Google many unfamiliar terms such as "the Fermi Paradox". I found this paradox interesting once I looked it up, but I think that as an author Broderick could have reached more readers by including at least a vague, tiny explanations for many of these terms.
I also thought that the language of the story made it hard to read. For instance, we obviously have a futuristic-esque space station on Saturn. But, there were entire sentences describing futuristic features of the station by using other futuristic features of the station. As in, the description of his station was still things I had trouble comprehending. Now, don't misunderstand, I give him kudos for such a creative concept, it's just my opinion that he could have made his picture a little more clear for me.
All in all, I just found this story to be pretty frustrating for me to read. I had to put it down a few times just to take a break, and my boyfriend could not stop laughing at the perplexed look on my face while I was reading it. I think the creativity of the story was incredible, I just really think that Broderick could have made a few adjustments to the story to make it easier for people like me to grasp.

Did anyone else have issues with this story?


Elizabeth said...

I also find the terminology in this story to be a bit confusing. I frequently found myself rereading sentences, descriptions, even entire paragraphs to make sure that I was understanding correctly. Frequently I found that I had only a vague concept of what he was talking about.

Tristram said...

Agreed. The story is one of the more difficult to read compared to the other stories. The dialogue is also more scientific compared to most of the others stories we have read this far.

salsa said...

I didn't have problems with the tech jargon and such in this one. I did find the Intelligent Dinosaur Theory rather ridiculous, but that may be my bias showing. I was rather meh about this one. It seems to use a lot of interesting theories and technologies, but it really doesn't explore any of them.