Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Eros, Philia, Agape

I think that this story is by far my favorite that we have read so far. It continued one of the reoccurring themes that we noticed earlier, love, as well as presenting a story of human interaction with a non-human life form.

What interested me the most in this story was the plasticity of Lucian's brain. How he was able to adapt and learn and grow in essentially the same way a human does. Except better. Because his brain will never lose plasticity like a human brain would. There's that cliche saying that you can't really change a person, but in this story, Adriana was able to change and mold Lucian into the type of mate that she wanted. Is the saying true, or does he count as a person? Is it mind over matter?

This story reminded me a lot of the movie A.I. where the little kid is a robot. I don't remember if there were healer bots in the movie, but with Rose always talking about healer bots I think I superimposed those two characters.

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