Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nebulullaby and other RECords.

Hey guys, I'm using this blog post as a promotional gimmick as well as a chance to show you a couple of videos I think definitely have science fiction qualities but are perhaps a little different from the usual sci-fi. I'm not sure how many of you (if any) have ever heard of so I'll take a second to tell you what it is. It began 5 years ago, and is an online collaborative production studio founded by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I discovered it while stalking his Twitter account, @hitRECordJOE. :]

Anyway, the whole idea behind the site is that ANYONE can join, and begin uploading their videos, music, pictures etc. to the site for all to see. Then, the creative minds at hitRECord (aka everyone who joins) can take those "records" and download them, tweak them, mix them, have fun with them and then re-upload them, so the whole site works together to create some pretty amazing projects. Some of the short films, like the two I'm about to link you, have been featured at Sundance, SxSW and other festivals.

These two I think have a particular science fiction-y vibe to them. The first is titled Nebulullaby, and is more or less a music video depicting the Sun as the mother and all the planets as her children whom she's tucking into bed. I love how each planet has its own distinct personality.

Next we have Morgan and Destiny's Eleventeenth Date: The Zeppelin Zoo, which, let's face it, I included because of "Zeppelin City" mostly. But the language in this video and the combination of live action and sketch animation amuses be greatly. I hope you all enjoy it too. And yes, that IS Channing Tatum making an appearance as the dastardly Lionel.

Oh, the uses of technology today! Gotta love it. I encourage any of you artsy types or movie-makers to join!


Andy Duncan said...

Jordan, were you stalking Gordon-Levitt even before Inception?

Jordan said...

Yes. Yes I was. hahaha I've loved him since Angels in the Outfield. He's one of my favorite actors and I found his hitRECord idea really fascinating.