Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Science Fiction for Tots

I was letting my daughter watch her cartoons this morning when a relatively new one came on, Team Umizoomi. We've watched this together before but I've never realized it's science fiction! The opening lines of the song are "In a world that's not so far away...." which sounds like it could be the beginning of any adult science fiction novel. The show revolves around two tiny children, Milli and Geo, and their robot, Bot (yes I know, creative). Milli, Geo and Bot use their "mighty math powers" to solve problems in their world. The world is a cartoon, yet real actors play most of the supporting roles, which only adds to the sci fi feel of the cartoon. I now realize why this is one of the few shows I let her watch.

This might not be relevant to many of you, since you are not yet subjected to the annoyance that is Nick Jr., but it may be comforting to know that in the future you can still watch a bit of science fiction while your kids enjoy their cartoons.

And the title is the theme song.... because it's cute.


AmeliaLinne said...

I love Team Umizoomi! My siblings (4 of 'em are 7 and under) are obsessed and it is one of the few tolerable Nick Jr. shows. (I have a rant about how Dora teaches bad life lessons.)

Elizabeth said...

I just looked up some stuff on this... why didn't they have that type of cartoon when I was little? And if they did, why didn't my parents let me watch it??!!