Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ok so I'm almost done reading Little Brother, and that was nuts. Does anyone else think it was way too much like all the post September 11th security measures? I'm sure I sound like a conspiracy theory follower, but I was looking at a plane ticket I just bought for my sister to come visit, and one of the charges was a "security charge". At the bottom it said it was a September 11th fee. Random, but it definitely made me think of some of the stuff in Little Brother.


Elizabeth said...

I'm still reading it at the moment, but the security measures in the first couple of chapters really did remind me of the increase in security after September 11th. I'm glad someone else also had that thought!

Andy Duncan said...

Jenny, that "security charge" reminds me of the fee that prisoners are charged in Terry Gilliam's movie Brazil -- to reimburse the government for the cost of arresting, torturing, and killing them.